Andar per Valli

A territory to be explored

Montereale Mauro Sacilotto

At the base of the Friulian Dolomites

This is an area to be explored at the foot of the Friulian Dolomites, along the Pordenone foothills, among hills, “magredi” and valleys crossed by crystal-clear streams. Here, spaces of nature to be experienced slowly are flanked by archaeological sites that take us back to the dawn of human life on earth, going back thousands of years to the time of the Neanderthals and our first Sapiens ancestors.

Moving slowly and curiously, we encounter churches studded with jewels of the Friulian Renaissance, including some frescoes by Giovanni Antonio de’ Sacchis, known as Pordenone. We pass through places rich in small and great stories, such as that of the heretic miller Menocchio in Montereale Valcellina, or the 20th century epic of hydroelectric exploitation, represented by the “Antonio Pitter” power station in Malnisio, a cathedral of knowledge.

High-quality local products are driving the rebirth of meadows, pastures, vegetable gardens, terraced vineyards and orchards. Villages that have seen decades of depopulation are now regaining vitality thanks to the quality of life and healthy environment that they can offer to those who live there and to those who visit them for leisure and holidays.
Andar per Valli is a project that involves the municipalities of Montereale Valcellina, Andreis, Castelnovo del Friuli, Clauzetto, Pinzano al Tagliamento and Vito d’Asio. It collects the stories, itineraries and curiosities of these still little-visited and fascinating places. It helps visitors find what they are looking for: from open-air activities, on foot, by bicycle, in canoes, to the wide range of cultural offers and food and wine.



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