There are several open-air activities on offer in the area. If you walk slowly along the Pinzano Ring, you can discover most of the points of interest in the town, strolling through woods and terraces planted with orchards and vineyards, past small and large streams, and encountering waterfalls such as the Sflunc. The Poçut spring, a few hundred metres from Pinzano’s main town, located beneath the former schools, has great significance for the locals. The elderly remember that it was the place where children quenched their thirst and spent pleasant moments of recreation. The cleaning of these areas is carried out thanks to the cooperation of local volunteers. The Fontanates area, on the slopes of the Castle Hill, is also maintained by volunteers and is an important source of drinking water, especially in summer.

The area can be explored by bicycle: the FVG3 cycle route passes through here, and it is also possible to try a canoe or kayak experience, even for the inexperienced (Scuola Kayak Friuli – 3484743915).