Battle of Pradis, War Memorial and Cemetery

The Battle of Pradis, the Memorial and the War Cemetery in Val da Ros

The war cemetery in Val da Ros – the only one in Western Friuli – today is a place of peace and silence, immersed in a solitary valley surrounded by woods, at the foot of Mount Dagn. The bodies of Italian, German and Austro-Hungarian soldiers who fell during the Battle of Pradis, between 5 and 6 November 1917, were laid to rest here. After the rout of Caporetto, the Italian army in retreat towards the Piave line was routed by the German armies during the fighting that took place between Pielungo and Pradis.

These places are today crossed by the path of the Battle of Pradis..

The World War broke into the lives of the common people, deeply marking the memory of the places in Clauzetto and Vito d’Asio. Testimonies still remain, now indirect, handed down in families from generation to generation. The events have been accurately reconstructed in the book by Giuliano Cescutti and Paolo Gaspari: Generali senza manovra. La battaglia di Pradis di Clauzetto nel racconto degli ufficiali combattenti, Gaspari publisher 2007.

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