Cigolotti Palaces

Cigolotti Palaces

Between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, some splendid villas were built in the territory of Montereale Valcellina. The Lords Cigolotti, merchants who came from Trentino to trade in timber, not only had the walls protecting the braida and the Torretta del Dominu built, but also two villas. One is surrounded by a high wall that hides both the building and the beautiful Italian garden, the other, located opposite the parish church of Santa Maria Assunta, has an arched portal depicting the four seasons and opens onto a courtyard where the Cigolotti palace faces.

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Vecchia Strada
Montereale Valcellina

The old Valcellina road

Until 1906, the Valcellina, with the municipalities of Andreis, Barcis, Claut, Cimolais and Erto, which in the 19th century had a total of ten thousand inhabitants, remained isolated due to the absence of roads.

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