Museum of Rural Art and Civilisation

Museum of Rural Art and Civilisation

The Museum, inaugurated in 1981, is located in the central square of the village, where the Town Hall used to be. It collects objects from daily life in the past, recalling a poor rural economy based on refined craft skills.

Among the most curious items are the cràceles or Easter frogs, which replaced the ringing of the bells on Maundy Thursday and were made from wooden slats that beat on rotating gears of various sizes, shapes and numbers.

Other objects testify to the production of shoes made of rag or black velvet, for the festivities, or palotes, wooden clogs (there were also examples with crampons for walking on snow and ice), bone combs, snuffboxes, wicker baskets, spoons, wool and milk processing.

The Museum also displays the tools of the blacksmith, the woodcutter, the farmer, such as the scythe and the rake, and kitchen utensils.

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