Outdoor activities in Andreis

Outdoor activities in Andreis

The mountainous and impassable territory of Andreis offers various possibilities for hiking, even at alpine level. Although the altitudes are not too high (with the exception of Mount Raut), extreme care and caution is recommended when walking along paths that are often very exposed and immersed in the wilderness.

Recommended for lovers of local traditions, the path of the old trades, which starts from Pical, touches on the most significant places for the economy of the past, including the fâvria. For nature lovers, there is the Mount Cjavac Trail (beware, depending on the season, it may be necessary to ford the stream several times. Only for very experienced hikers, it is possible to climb Mount Raut or, more easily, to reach Forcella Antracisa, for a wide panorama of the wild environment of the valley.

The underground is another interesting area for speleologists to explore in Andreis (for information: caipordenone.it/activita/speleologia). In 1864, in a cave on Monte Castello, 1260 m above sea level, sixteen Garibaldians found refuge after the failure of the Navarons Risorgimento uprising. Pursued by the Austro-Hungarian troops, they found refuge in Andreis and were rescued by the population.

For those who prefer climbing, there is the Al Palazzo climbing wall at Bosplans.

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