Pinzano station

Pinzano station

It was inaugurated in 1912, with the opening of the Casarsa-Pinzano railway line (already in 1967 passenger traffic was interrupted and in 1987 the transport of goods also came to an end).

In 1914 the Pinzano-Gemona del Friuli section was completed and in 1930 the Pinzano-Sacile line was inaugurated (for more information on the Pedemontana railway).

The station of Pinzano, due to its strategic position, played an important role in the world wars. Unfortunately, the trains that transported the Friulian refugees in 1917 and the prisoners of war in Germany and Poland also passed through here..

From the station forecourt you can walk to the Pinzano Ring or you can take the FVG3 bicycle route.

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