Possible revival

Towards a possible revival

There are many historical, cultural and environmental elements that still make the territory of Clauzetto rich: today they can be re-launched in an innovative way, for a re-launch of the village as a place to live, for its high quality of life, and as a tourist destination to visit.

Clauzetto also continues to be a centre of production, especially of high quality dairy products. The farms that are still present contribute to the maintenance of the pastureland landscape. The best-known product is Asìno, a flavoursome soft cheese made by introducing milk, cream, salt and mother into containers known as salmueries, oak vats or stone vats, pieres, for fermentation. The first documented mention of this cheese dates back to 1659. Equally renowned is Pradis cheese, which can be eaten fresh or matured.

Asìno and the other cheeses are used, with polenta, for the typical dish of Clauzetto: the Balote. According to tradition, in the past, the future groom used to bring his beloved’s family some Balote as a gift to ask for his hand in marriage. If they were heated on the fire and eaten together with the young man, the marriage proposal was accepted. In August, the Fiesta de la Balote is held in the square of Clauzetto.

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