Savorgnan Castle

Savorgnan Castle

Of the imposing Savorgnan Castle, today there remain ruins full of charm, which recall distant stories and legends. The lords of Pinzano, mentioned in the 12th century as vassals of the dukes of Carinthia, probably descended from the di Ragogna family, whose older residence was just opposite, on the other bank of the Tagliamento. In 1344, due to an internal feud within the family of the lords of Pinzano, the Patriarch of Aquileia intervened and ceded the feud to the Savorgnans, who remained there until the fall of the Serenissima. The castle, situated on a hill near the Stretta di Pinzano, on the Tagliamento river, defended by three walls, was impregnable. Abandoned since the first half of the nineteenth century, the building did not resist the upheavals of the First World War and the earthquakes of 1928 and 1976: only ruins remain.

Excavation campaigns have brought to light finds that attest to the human presence in this place since Roman times, thanks to its strategic position, from which it was possible to control the piedmont road already mentioned in the 5th century and the ford on the Tagliamento River..

All around the castle there are legends and popular beliefs about knights, ladies, aganis, mythological beings linked to water, fairies or sirens. The treasure of the lords of Pinzano would still be hidden underground and there would be secret tunnels as far as the river.

The remains of the Castle can be visited on foot, with a walk of about ten minutes from Via XX Settembre, taking Via Castello uphill. Regular visitors include a flock of friendly goats that keep it free of vegetation, thanks to an agreement between the municipality and the local Capramica company. And at the top of the hill there is one of the observatories on the landscape, the result of a participatory project with the citizens, where you can sit and admire the view..

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