The Agane House

The Agane House

Between Anduins and Vito d’Asio, at 473 metres above sea level, on the right bank of the Rio Barquet, there is a cave known as the Cjase da las Aganas, the House of Aganas. Aganas are mythological female beings linked to the waters, with a double face, sometimes witches and sometimes fairies. The cave, with its large opening facing east, is carved into the Cretaceous limestone and consists of a single 305-metre-long tunnel, with a side corridor halfway along. It is characterised by steep gradients and pools of water and ends in a siphon. When it rains heavily, a torrent emerges from the opening. There is a very bloody legend about three evil Agane that lived in the cavity. Punished for their wickedness, they wept so much that they formed the Rio Barquet.

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