The Agane House

The Agane House

Between Anduins and Vito d’Asio, at 473 metres above sea level, on the right bank of the Rio Barquet, there is a cave known as the Cjase da las Aganas, the House of Aganas. Aganas are mythological female beings linked to the waters, with a double face, sometimes witches and sometimes fairies. The cave, with its large opening facing east, is carved into the Cretaceous limestone and consists of a single 305-metre-long tunnel, with a side corridor halfway along. It is characterised by steep gradients and pools of water and ends in a siphon. When it rains heavily, a torrent emerges from the opening. There is a very bloody legend about three evil Agane that lived in the cavity. Punished for their wickedness, they wept so much that they formed the Rio Barquet.

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Roiello Pellegrin
Montereale Valcellina

Pellegrin’s roiello

Running water was brought to San Leonardo Valcellina in 1837 thanks to the intuition of a local farmer, Giovanni Antonio Dell’Angelo, known as Pellegrin. Before that there was the “lagoon”, a stagnant and unhealthy pool, fed by the rains, in the centre of the square.

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Stretta di Pinzano
Pinzano al Tagliamento

The Stretta di Pinzano

In addition to the undisputed beauty of the landscape, the Stretta di Pinzano combines features of national scientific interest. This is why it is included among the geosites of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.

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