The Andrean house, villages and fountains

The Andrean house, villages and fountains

Buildings and historical sitesAndreis is striking for the care, balance and preservation of its dwellings characterised by the dalz, wooden galleries on the south side, where corn and beans used to be dried. The buildings are made of stone and wood found locally and are tall. Until the early twentieth century, the roofs were thatched, built using a technique that made them waterproof, and since there were no chimneys, the walls were blackened by smoke. Typically, on the ground floor there were two rooms, one used as a kitchen with the classic fireplace, the fogolâr, and the other as a cellar and pantry, facing an arcade. The rooms on the upper floors were accessed externally by a wooden staircase.

Besides the main centre of Andreis, the hamlets of Alcheda, Bosplans, Prapiero and Sott’Anzas are interesting. There you will come across several fresh water fountains of the highest quality. The oldest one, renovated in 1997, is dug into a single rock and is located in Bosplans, along the ancient road that from Maniago Libero and Montereale led to Valcellina through the Croce pass, between Mounts Jouf and Fara, to quench the thirst of wayfarers and their animals.

On the roads, as in an open book, you can read verses by the brilliant poet Federico Tavan, who was born in Andreis in 1949 and died in 2013. During the Christmas festivities, it is possible to admire the original tree decorations made in many houses.

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