The Church of San Daniele

The Church of San Daniele

The pretty religious building with portico, dedicated to San Daniele in Monticello, dates back to the 18th century. It stands on a hill behind the village of Andreis and can be reached by climbing a stone staircase in the countryside. Destroyed by the earthquake of 1864, the church was rebuilt shortly afterwards at the request of the Andreis people. From here the view opens out onto the mountains and the Periadriatic fault line.

There was also a small church dedicated to Daniel, the saint who protected from beasts, of which only the floor remains today, situated on Monte San Daniele, between Andreis and Barcis, and the site of a procession in medieval times.

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Vecchia Strada
Montereale Valcellina

The old Valcellina road

Until 1906, the Valcellina, with the municipalities of Andreis, Barcis, Claut, Cimolais and Erto, which in the 19th century had a total of ten thousand inhabitants, remained isolated due to the absence of roads.

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Stretta di Pinzano
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The Stretta di Pinzano

In addition to the undisputed beauty of the landscape, the Stretta di Pinzano combines features of national scientific interest. This is why it is included among the geosites of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.

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