The Church of St Stephen

The Church of St Stephen

The parish church of Valeriano, dedicated to St Stephen, is first mentioned in 1186 in a papal bull. It is located near the square, with the War Memorial by Nane Zavagno, on the opposite side of the Church of Santa Maria dei Battuti.

The present Church of Santo Stefano dates back to 1492, as attested by two inscriptions near the entrance portal. The interior has a single barrel-vaulted nave and the apse, with three sides, houses a valuable wooden choir. The church houses what is considered to be the first work by Giovanni Antonio de’ Sacchis known as Pordenone, dated 1506: a triptych with St Valerian, St Michael Archangel and John the Baptist. The 1976 earthquake caused serious damage to the building, which was later restored.

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Until 1906, the Valcellina, with the municipalities of Andreis, Barcis, Claut, Cimolais and Erto, which in the 19th century had a total of ten thousand inhabitants, remained isolated due to the absence of roads.

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