The Friulian Dolomites Park

With its visitor centre, guesthouse and aviary for birds of prey, Andreis is one of the sites of the Friulian Dolomites Park. This area, in 2009, played a fundamental role in the recognition of the entire Dolomites site as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, thanks to the contribution of wilderness present in Friuli even at low altitudes. The Visitor Centre was created by restructuring the old social dairy and includes a guesthouse, a permanent exhibition dedicated to birds and a comic strip archive.

Not far away, on the edge of the village, in a quiet and peaceful place, are the aviaries of the Regional Reference Centre for the Recovery of Wounded Avifauna. They mainly house birds of prey in need of care, to be released into the wild when possible. Some specimens, unfortunately, have suffered injuries that make it impossible to release them back into the wild. Others, on the other hand, can return to their wild life once they have recovered. The moment of release is an occasion that involves groups and schoolchildren and is of great educational value.

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Stretta di Pinzano
Pinzano al Tagliamento

The Stretta di Pinzano

In addition to the undisputed beauty of the landscape, the Stretta di Pinzano combines features of national scientific interest. This is why it is included among the geosites of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.

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