The Geosito

The Geosito

The area, which is included among the sites of regional interest due to its particular geological characteristics, is located behind the hill of Oltrerugo, precisely in Davour la Mont (behind the mountain). It is characterised by a clayey-marly and sandy substratum, with rare levels of conglomerate. Erosion has formed a dense network of streams with deep incisions. The geological site is located along one of these deep furrows, on the right bank of the watercourse that separates Oltrerugo from Davour la Mont, and can be imagined as a sort of sandwich, with the conglomerates in the centre, between the sands and silts.

This environment testifies to an original deltaic bay, which was then submerged by the sea that, as it rose, collected and accumulated gravel on the sands of what was once a beach. The site shows the gravel-sand accumulation of one of the branches of the delta, probably of the paleotorrente Meduna, before the uplift of the Carnic Pre-Alps.

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Feet on the ground

A dense network of well-marked paths extends across the Montereale Valcellina area, including the hamlets and the many places of cultural, historical and natural interest.

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