The Hill and the remains of the Castle

The Hill and the remains of the Castle

In the same place where there were ancient settlements, from which it is possible to dominate the plain, a castrum was built surrounded by a wall, with a defensive function, considered impregnable. In fact, there is evidence of four failed sieges between the 13th and 15th centuries. A document from 1296 mentions the settlements that were present at the foot of the Hill: Calaresio, which corresponds to today’s Montereale, Grizzo and Malnisio.

The remains of the Castle can be reached by a short walk along a path through the woods: from there the view sweeps over the plain crossed by the Cellina and the surrounding mountains. It is easy to understand why the place responded perfectly to the need to control the territory.

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Roiello Pellegrin
Montereale Valcellina

Pellegrin’s roiello

Running water was brought to San Leonardo Valcellina in 1837 thanks to the intuition of a local farmer, Giovanni Antonio Dell’Angelo, known as Pellegrin. Before that there was the “lagoon”, a stagnant and unhealthy pool, fed by the rains, in the centre of the square.

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