The Municipal Park and the Dominu Tower

The Municipal Park and the Dominu Tower

To the rear of the Town Hall is the Dominu Park, where the remains of a pre-Roman necropolis of incineration were found, with some twenty burials arranged in three parallel rows. At the time of their discovery, the baked clay ossuaries held fragments of the deceased’s bones and accompanying symbolic objects, such as fibulae, glass beads and amber for women, and weapons, axes or knives for men. These finds are on display in the Archaeological Museum.

The Longobard cemetery is adjacent to the necropolis.

The Park occupies part of the ancient braida (cultivable land) owned by the Cigolotti lords, merchants who came to Montereale at the beginning of the 17th century from Alto Garda to trade in timber, which was transported by river from the Upper Valcellina to the river ports and to Venice. It was the Cigolotti who had the walls built to protect the braida, with two towers, of which the Dominu tower is still visible.

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