The Periadriatic Fault

The Periadriatic Fault or Barcis - Starasella Line

This geological site in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region offers a spectacular lunar panorama. The Periadriatic Fault or Barcis -Starasella Line was formed by the collision of the European and African continental plates, creating a long line of discontinuity between the upper Soča Valley and Barcis.

At Andreis, going up the Val Susaibes (named after one of the watercourses in the municipality) this conformation is clearly visible on the slopes of Mount Raut. Here we can observe the most evident manifestations of the flow of the main Dolomite on layers of Flysch, in a band that can reach a width of up to three hundred metres.

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Stretta di Pinzano
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The Stretta di Pinzano

In addition to the undisputed beauty of the landscape, the Stretta di Pinzano combines features of national scientific interest. This is why it is included among the geosites of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.

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